Global Aircraft -- AH-64 Apache
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AH-64 Apache Specifications
Primary Function: Day/night, twin-engined, attack/reconnaissance helicopter.
Contractor: McDonnell Douglas (Boeing)
Crew: Two
Unit Cost: N/A
  Two T700-GE-701C turboshafts each rated at 1,800 shp (1342 kW)
Length: 58.17 ft (17.73 m)
Wingspan: 17.15 ft (5.227 m)
Height: 15.24 ft (4.64 m)
Empty: 11,387 lb (5165 kg)
Maximum Takeoff: 15,075 lb (6838 kg) -- gross
Speed: 153 kt (284 kph)
Ceiling: N/A
Range: 400 km - internal fuel
1,900 km - internal and external fuel
  M230 30mm Gun
70mm (2.75 inch) Hydra-70 Folding-Fin Aerial Rockets
AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank missiles
AGM-122 Sidearm anti-radar missile
AIM-9 Sidewinder Air-to-Air missiles

AH-64 Apache Achievements
  • Apaches fired the first shots of the Desert Storm War -- attacking Iraqi radar sites.

AH-64 Apache Background
Around the world, defense forces fly two variants of the AH-64 Apache multi-mission combat helicopters: the AH-64A Apache and the next-generation version, the AH-64D. Equipped with radar, the aircraft is known as the AH-64D Apache Longbow, without radar it is the AH-64D Apache.

The AH-64A Apache was widely recognized as the most advanced combat-proven attack helicopter in the world for the past decade and is the predecessor of today's unmatched AH-64D Apache Longbow multi-mission combat helicopter. Some 900 AH-64As are in service worldwide for the U.S. Army and five international customers. The Apache uses laser, infrared and other high technology systems like the Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor to find, track and attack armored and other targets. The AH-64A were 85% or more combat ready when called upon in the Gulf War.

In all, Boeing delivered 937 AH-64A, 821 of which were delivered to the US Army and 116 to international customers, including Egypt, Greece, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates between 1984 and 1997.

AH-64 Apache Photos
AH-64 ApacheAH-64 Apache
AH-64 ApacheAH-64 Apache
AH-64 ApacheAH-64 Apache

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