Global Aircraft -- Airbus A330
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Airbus A330 Specifications
Primary Function: Commercial Transport
Contractor: Airbus
Crew: 293 double class, 253 triple class
Unit Cost: N/A
Powerplant (-200)
  Two CF6-80E1 or PW4000 or RR Trent 700 engines rated at 68,000-72,000 lb thrust
Dimensions (-200)
Length: 192 feet, 12 in
Wingspan: 197 feet, 10 in
Height: 57 feet, 1 in
Weights (-200)
Empty: 263,700 lb
Maximum Takeoff: 513,700 lb
Performance (-200)
Speed: Mach 0.86
Ceiling: N/A
Range: 6,750 nm

Airbus A330 Achievements
No known major achievements

Airbus A330 Features
Airbus intended the A330 to compete directly in the ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards) market, specifically with the Boeing 767. The A330 was launched in 1987; airlines purchased it to replace the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. The A330 is 38% more fuel efficient than the DC-10.

The A330's fuselage and wings are virtually identical to those of the smaller A340 variants, although it has different engines. The A330 basic fuselage design is inherited from the Airbus A300, and the nose/cockpit section and the fly-by-wire system and flightdeck are inherited from the A320. Both the A330 and A340 are assembled on the same final assembly line at Toulouse-Blagnac, France.

By the end of July 2008, a total of 1,006 A330s had been ordered and 555 delivered. The 1,000 milestone was passed with orders from the 2008 Farnborough Air Show.

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