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GAC Awards Criteria

Global Aircraft Awards Criteria
1) Each link on your site must function well. Each dead link will result in point loss.
2) Excessive consoles, banners, advertisements, etc. will result in serious point loss (up to 5 points).
3) "Under construction" pages will be immediately disqualified.
4) You must display a copyright statement on your site, giving credit to other people if necessary.
5) Your site should be updated at least once every 4 weeks. If not, the Judge's personal opinion (5 points) will be affected accordingly.
6) HTML coding must be correct. Study shows most professional websites' HTML coding is erroneous, so your coding doesn't have to be perfect - as long as it does not mess up our browsers or cause errors in viewing.
7) If your site promotes adult (pornography) material, hatred, violence, racism, etc. (even through links), it will be immediately disqualified.
8) Your site should have some degree of a 'home page' or main page. The home page should be easy to get to and neatly arranged. The home page is worth up to 10 points.
9) Your site should be written in English language, or translated adequately. Because GAC Web Awards are not based upon design alone, we will not be able to review your site if it's not in English and it will be disqualified.
10) If your site offers Flash, or other up-to-date tools, an option must be available for non-supporting browsers (i.e. "skip intro"). If not, excessive point loss will result (up to 6 points).
11) Text must be grammatically correct and understandable, grammatical errors will result in point loss.
12) Your site must be easy to navigate through for first time visitors. If not, help pages must be available. This type of navigation is worth 15 points total.
13) Your site must load quickly, under 90 seconds on a 56k modem. If loading time exceeds 90 seconds, up to 5 points may be removed.
14) If your site asks for personal information, it must contain a privacy statement. Your site's privacy policy (if applicable) must clearly explain exactly what will be done with all information you collect.
15) All sites must have 5 or more pages of content. This does not include guestbooks, links pages, password-protected pages, or splash pages.
16) In order to win the award, you must be the website's owner/web master and be at least 16 years old. (COPPA)
17) If your site contains music files, there must be an easy way to mute it or turn it off.
18) If your site has too much JAVA and causes our browser to freeze or quit from an overload of information the site will be immediately disqualified.
19) Sites containing pure links, links, links, will be automatically disqualified. The website must have some obvious content of its own from page one.
20) Only the content that is made available to the public will be taken into account. Password protected portions of your site will not be reviewed. Thusly, if your entire site requires a password it will not be reviewed.
21) All images on your site must load, including web ring graphics or banners. It is recommended that you upload the images directly to your web server to ensure that they will load (with proper permissions, of course). Any broken images will result in some point loss.
22) Your site must have an area to display earned awards, even if you haven't won any yet. The point of winning awards is to proudly display them on your site to show you have earned them. If you are not willing to display your awards, then you will not receive our award.
23) Your site should work at an 800 x 600 screen resolution without horizontal scrollbars, seeing that most internet surfers use this resolution. If your site does not work at 800 x 600, the Judge's personal opinion (5 points) will be affected accordingly.
24) We currently use Netscape 7.0 and Internet Explorer 6.0. Your site should work optimally in both, and must work in Internet Explorer 6.0.
25) Choose a common font for your content. Do NoT wRiTe LiKe ThIs or use MULTI-colored fonts. Gradual fading is acceptable. If your site has this, the Judge's personal opinion (5 points) will be affected accordingly.
26) If you win, you must add our award graphic to your awards page without modifying it in any way and provide a link back to our site. You will, in return, receive a reciprocal link from our website to yours.
27) Winning websites submitted correctly will get a response within two weeks. After your site has been reviewed and voted on, Global Aircraft will send you an e-mail if you won, along with your scoring sheet and a link to pick your award up. If you don't receive a reply within two weeks you can assume you didn't acquire enough points to achieve an award. If you didn't win, you may edit your site and re-enter it after 90 days.
28) Websites receiving a GAC Award will be requested to link the graphic back to our Awards Verification page. This link will contain your unique GAAID (Global Aircraft Award IDentification) code, and will help alert us to fraudulent and illegal award displaying.

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Last Updated: March 04, 2004

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