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GAC Award Self Test (Scoring)

Your website will be graded in the following way:

Content - 20 Points
Navigation - 20 Points
Graphic design - 20 Points
Originality - 20 Points
Grammar, link, photo, and scripting correctness - 15 Points
Judge's personal opinion - 5 Points

Award Issuing:

100 Points - Platinum Award *
95-100 Points - Gold Award
85-94 Points - Silver Award
75-84 Points - Bronze Award

* In order to win the Platinum Award, you must have at least 1 GAC Award prior to entry and score a perfect 100.

Questions to reflect:
  • Do I have the minimal amount of pages (5) or
     enough to detail my contents?
  • Does the information on each page provide a thorough
     elucidation of my content topic(s)?
  • Is my home page easily identifiable from the rest of my site
     or do I even have a homepage?
  • How much information is on my home page and how neat
     is it all laid out?

  • Do I have a clear manner of navigation or do I
     have to use my back button to get through my site?
  • Are all of my links easy to get to and similar from
     page to page, or are they scattered around?
  • Does my site take over 90 seconds to load on a 56k modem;
     also, does loading my site slow my computer down?
  • Do I have so many advertisements or pop-ups that they
     seem to be surfeit, and how noticeable are they?

Graphic design
  • Do I have graphics (mainly aesthetic) on my site
     at all, and do they contribute to the page as a whole?
  • Do my graphics look acceptable or do they look
     like they were done cursorily?
  • Are my graphics (including flash animations) supported by
     most/all browsers, or would one need special plug-ins?

  • Is the content mostly mine, or have I just copied
     everyone else's work throughout my site?
  • Were my graphics made mostly by me or did I get them
     from another site? If not, has credit been given?
  • Are the ideas incorporated into the contents, creation,
     design and theme of my site original?

  • Do I have any broken links on my web site?
  • Do all of my images load correctly, including banners?
  • Do any of my scripts cause errors or make the
     page not function correctly?
  • Is the grammar in my site shoddy or incomprehensible?

Judge's personal opinion
  • Is my site updated at least every four (4) weeks?
  • Do I use multi-colored text or TyPe LiKe ThIs?
  • Does my web site work at 800 x 600 screen resolutions?

Scoring Sheet:
Sample GAC Awards Grading Sheet

Content - 20 Points
  • Number of pages - 5 Points
  • Amount of information on each page - 5 Points
  • Homepage available? - 5 Points
  • Amount of information on home page /
     quality of home page - 5 Points

Navigation - 20 Points
  • Categories (if applicable, or ease of use) - 5 Points
  • Neatly arranged links - 5 Points
  • Navigation speed (how fast pages load) - 5 Points
  • Number of advertisements - 5 Points

Graphic design - 20 Points
  • Sufficient graphics - 7 Points
  • Quality of graphics - 7 Points
  • Support for low-end browsers - 6 Points

Originality - 20 Points
  • Original content - 10 Points
  • Original graphics - 5 Points
  • Original ideas - 5 Points

Miscellaneous - 15 Points
  • Links working correctly? - 4 Points
  • Photos working correctly - 4 Points
  • Scripts correctly written and working? - 4 Points
  • Grammar - 3 Points

Judge's personal opinion - 5 Points
  • Do I like it? - 5 Points

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Last Updated: June 18, 2003

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