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Global Aircraft Web Awards Process


  After a submission of your application is received and ready to be reviewed, your site will be visited and checked to see if you have all the required elements or if there is anything that would immediately disqualify your website. The things that would disqualify your site immediately are:

  • "Under construction" pages
  • Crashing our browsers
  • No copyright on work/graphics done by you, or credit given to creator where used
  • Promotion of adult (pornography) material, hatred, violence, racism, etc. (even through links)
  • Not written in or easily translated to English
  • Doesn't contain a privacy statement (if your site asks for personal information)
  • Contains under 5 pages of content
  • Website submitter isn't owner/webmaster and isn't 16 or older
  • Music that cannot be muted or stopped
  • No site content (strictly a links site, etc.)
  • No awards won page
  • Multiple submissions within 90 day waiting period

  If your site passes the first visit, your application will be sent to our judges where it will be judged based on our criteria. Your website will be judged based on the criteria and points system of the time of your application. If you win an award, you will receive a reply within two weeks after your application is received. Only winners will be notified.

  Winners of the gold or platinum awards will be listed with a screenshot, site description, and a link to their site. Winners of the silver award will be listed with a link to their site and a site description. All other winners will be listed with a link to their site.


  If you have won a GAC Web Award in a previous year and would like to try for an upgrade, please read the following criteria:

  • Your site must have some significant change since the last award was won.

  • Award upgrades are available for each year (2001-2002, 2002-2003, etc.), an award application may not be sent twice in one year even if significant upgrades have been applied. In summation, you may not win the 2002-2003 Silver Web Award and then the 2002-2003 Gold Web Award.

  • Downgrades may occur if your updated site has content that does not follow our criteria.

  • If you have won our Gold award in a previous year, you may apply for the Platinum award the following year -- yet you must score a perfect 100 to receive this award.

  • If you have received our Platinum award you may not apply for another award.

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Last Updated: June 18, 2003

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