Global Aircraft -- Su-15 Flagon
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Su-15 Flagon Specifications
Primary Function: Interceptor, air superiority
Contractor: Sukhoi
Crew: One
Unit Cost: N/A
  Two Tumanskii R-13F2-300 turbojet engines rated at 31,460 lb (139.95 kN)
Length: 70 ft 3 in (21.41 m)
Wingspan: 30 ft 8 in (9.34 m) - Flagon-F
Height: 16 ft 6 in (9.34 m)
Empty: 27,000 lb (12,245 kg) - Flagon-F
Maximum Takeoff: 40,000 lb (18,145 kg) - Flagon-F
Speed: 1,385 mph (Mach 2.1)
Ceiling: 60,700 feet (18,500 m)
Range: 901 miles (1,450 km)
  Six hardpoints for R-98M (AA-3) and R-60 (AA-8) AAMs, as well as 23-mm gun pods.

Su-15 Flagon Achievements
No known major achievements

Su-15 Flagon Background

  The Su-15 held numerous world records for height and speed, and for many years was a primary interceptor within the IA-PVO E 207 which was (like many interceptor types) never exported to any Soviet client states. It's raw performance attributes in terms of acceleration and altitude E 208 tipified the Soviet design philosophy of developing aircraft to uncompromising specifications at the expense of range, avionics and payload. It E 209 relied heavily on GCI (ground control intercept radars) to guide it to it's target as it's powerplants would guzzle fuel at an alarming rate and so had limited E 210 loiter/search capabilities; exacerbated by the inability of the radar to provide adequate search range. The type was made infamous for E 211 shooting down a Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 (Flight 007) on 1 September, 1983 over Sakhalin Island killing 269 onboard after the airliner strayed E 212 off-course and into Soviet airspace. It was removed completely from service by the end of the decade, being replaced by fourth generation types.

Su-15 Flagon Photos
Su-15 FlagonSu-15 Flagon
Su-15 FlagonSu-15 Flagon
Su-15 Flagon

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